Pew Pew Holster

If you carry a firearm every day, whether you are law enforcement or a private citizen, we all have one thing in common, we have to go to the bathroom (10-100 or 10-200) every now and then! It may be a humorous topic on one hand but a deadly serious issue as well.

You know the struggle, ‘where do I place my firearm?’. Do you unholster and set it on the toilet? In your drawers? On the ground? Try to keep your belt tight enough to keep the firearm off of the floor? How many here have dropped their pants and sat upon thy throne only to look down directly in to your barrel? With people around you the only safe direction to mount a weapon is barrel down. All other choices are bad and destroy muzzle discipline, but with no choice one can only do what they can do.


The news is full of accidental discharges and forgotten firearms and most of those occur in the bathroom of a restaurant, business, shooting range or school. All are bad, potentially deadly events with risks not only to the firearm owner but innocent bystanders as well. Then there is the liability of the property owner at stake.

We have a solution for this problem, the Patent Pending Pew Pew Holster. Permanently mounted on the bathroom stall divider or door, you can safely unholster your firearm and securely store it in our Holster until you are finished with your business. The Holster is designed to accept just about any Pocket, Sub Compact, Compact or Full Size/Duty pistol including semiautomatics and revolvers.

Glock, Sig Sauer, S&W, Ruger, Walther or Colt and just about any other manufacturer’s pistols will be safely stored, muzzle down and in a location that you will be looking directly towards, the bathroom/stall door. We suggest mounting it 36-38″ from the top of the holster to the ground for effortless lateral transition from your carry holster to ours. Right or Left handed it will work either way without forcing Lefties to transition to their weak hand and vice versa. The steel construction with stainless fasteners and Loctite 263 prevents theft and damage from vandalism and will stand up to daily use for decades to come.

Our Holster is made of 16 ga (.065″) thick American steel with a durable MilSpec Plastisol rubberized coating for a lasting finish that will not scuff firearms.

High grade Neodymium magnets are encased in the Plastisol to provide proper fitment and retention for a wide range of automatic and revolver pistols without damaging any firearm coatings and finishes.

We also offer an optional Duty Belt Hook, unholster your firearm, insert in our holster then hang your duty belt from the hook. Some officers and security forces carry M-16/AR rifles as their primary weapon, we created side notches to insert your barrel if you carry it in to the restroom as many we have interviewed do.

If you own a property or operate a business where firearms are legally allowed then the Pew Pew Holster is a must have for your restrooms! Protect your EDC customers, law enforcement officers and clients as well asĀ  your own legal liability by outfitting your restrooms with this simple but durable product.

Read our FAQ for more information.

Never go Poo Poo with your Pew Pew!

Patent Pending